dj sniff: drumming
Drumming is an exploration in turntable musci inspired by Max Roach and Grandmaster Flash. Bij combining self-built soft/hardware tools and Hip Hop turntablism techniques, dj Sniff reconstructs fragments for vinyl records into dynamic stuttering rhythms. He has performed in numerous venues and festivals around the world and is currently the Artistic Director of STEIM
<>TAG presents a mini-version of touch, a concert series for creative music that will begin its 5th season in 2009. Touch brings together artists from diverse stylistic backgrounds, placing an emphasis on expanded instrumentalism, which can mean everything from creative performance techniques to new and reimagined instruments to sheer virtuosic playing and composing. The concerts are generally set in an intimate atmosphere that allows audiences a closer look at the act of music making. For this touch event, on location at 't Paard van Troje, the spotlight is placed on two fresh and contrasting takes on percussion music.