alexander raskatov: piano concert 'night butterflies'
Alexander Raskatov | interview     
Alexander Raskatov schreef zelf over zijn pianoconcert Night Butterflies het volgende:
“The Concerto consists of 12 (!) short movements . This special idea of structure is totally visual. It came to me after my visit of an unusual greenhouse, where, among the plants, I saw a lot of fluttering butterflies , all extremely beautiful and of different size, from very little to giant. That’s why the movements are changing each other very quickly. Each movement corresponds to a certain type of butterfly. As a source of this structure one can remember Schumanns ‘Papillons’ or Prokofiev's ‘Visions fugitives’. A certain type of behaviour of each butterfly, a certain type of flutter – borns a certain type of Piano technique , or texture (also in the Orchestra). As my visit of this greenhouse took place in the twilight, I gave to the Concerto a title: Night Butterflies. This work is commissioned both by Residentie Orkest/The Hague Philharmonic, and Seattle Symphony Orchestra, and written for Japanese pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama.”

Yekaterina Yusupova - Mariisky Theater: Interview met Alexander Raskatov